Britney vs Spears Available on Netflix!

CIRCUS is back for yet another era.

Welcome back to the Circus (Ah ah ah ah) – We’re finally back and with an overall new look… More international and more appealing to everyone around the world.

CIRCUS – formerly known as Britney Jean Spears Portugal – has been giving fans in Portugal news on Britney Spears since April of 2003. The road has been tough and we’ve had a lot of ups and downs but we’re determined to take the next step and go worldwide.

From now on, we are still based in Portugal but our content and news will all be in English in order to provide quality and relevant news to every Britney Spears fan out there.

Our subpages (biography, discography, videography…) are still being translated and soon will be fully in English; our social media will also go through a semi-revamp and we’re still go down in history as the only Britney Spears fansite in Portugal.

It’s time for a new era and we hope we can count with you on this new journey. We’ve been supporting Britney since 2003 and we won’t stop now.

Come along and enjoy the ride!