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Us Weekly is reporting that Britney Spears is not pleased with the current conservatorship she is in and that she’s more engaged than ever in getting rid of it.

An anonimous source has told exclusively to the Us Weekly magazine that “Britney’s family is at war with each other and it’s all because of the conservatorship.”

The same source goes on to mention that the Pop Princess is more engaged than ever in the consvervatorship:

Britney is remarkably resilient and is very engaged in the conservatorship, whereas in years prior, she wasn’t at all. She would never ask questions about it or go to court.

The magazine goes on to say that Britney’s mom and dad are in totally different sides as for this topic:

Lynne wants a care plan established that would transition Britney’s personal life out of the conservatorship. Jamie has told her that Britney needs long-term monitoring, and he doesn’t think she is prepared to take such a drastic action.

The source continues:

With the conservatorship being extended until the beginning of 2021, Jamie was relieved because all he wants is to keep Britney safe and at her best.

Nevertheless, Britney Spears is not on the same page as her father and believes that he is trying to keep her conservatorship hidden away in a closed as a family secret.

On top of all that, and perhaps one of the main reasons for all of this, Britney is not happy about having less custody of her sons:

Britney wants to live her life on her terms and is very displeased with the current custody arrangement. She needs to see the boys much more than she currently is.