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For the website Idolator, Britney’s song “Unusual You” should’ve been a single. The author hihglights that the song is amongst Britney’s best songs and didn’t have the treatment it deserved.

Back to 2008, Britney Spears released her anticipated album “Circus”. The record was very well received and, even though it gave the Pop Princess three hits, Idolator believes a fourth one could’ve happened in an article written in 2018:

Britney could have easily continued dropping singles off the album. In particular, she could have had a massive run on the charts had she rolled out her tender electro-ballad “Unusual You.” On an album of buoyant, bubblegum pop, the track is a stunning stand-out. Another production from Bloodshy & Avant, it offered a moment to slow things down as Brit reflected on an unexpected romance. 

Those are the first words Mike Nied – the journalist – uses to describe the song:

“Nothing about you is typical. Nothing about you is predictable. You got me all twisted and confused. It’s all you,” she coos over moody bass and spacy synths. Her voice is gentle as it soars over the electronic production on the unique love song. After dealing with unreliable lovers for so long (as evidenced by the LP’s lead single), she is unprepared for the high of this romance. “Didn’t anyone tell you you’re supposed to break my heart? I expect you to, so why haven’t you,” she fragilely announces. 

Nied is aware of the song’s critics and knows he’s not alone on this ride:

– Despite garnering warm reviews and being recognized as a highlight on the album, it never even received a performance. Britney famously snubbed the majority of Circus’ tracklist while on tour. “Unusual You” was no exception. Had she released it as a single and promoted it with a video, this offered an opportunity for the siren to show a different side of herself to the public. Instead, it remains a favorite amongst her most devoted fans.

In conclusion mode, he goes on:

“Unusual You” remains a beloved hidden gem in Spears’ discography. Many fans list it as one of her best tracks ever. Some go as far as to label it her second-best ballad (behind In The Zone’s “Everytime”).