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According with TMZ, Britney Spears spent a few hours earlier this week with her two sons as an early Christmas event. The same source claims Britney sees her kids regularly.

Back in September of last year, it was announced that Britney Spears had lost custody of her kids from 50% to 30% as Kevin Federline filed a restriction order against Britney’s father for violent behaviours with her oldest son.

Since then, many has been said and written about the troubled relationship between Britney Spears and her father, Jamie Spears, that obviously helped the fan movement #FreeBritney get stronger.

The agreement of 30% has been in place since then and, also since then, Britney doesn’t post about her kids and isn’t seen with them. During this time, Jayden James – her youngest son – took over social media to diss and his grandfather, going as further as saying “he can go and die”.

Thankfully, it seems that – according with TMZ – the Princess of Pop got to spend a few hours Monday (21) and Tuesday (22) with her two sons as an early Christmas, as the main days were spent with Kevin.

In the same article, curiously, TMZ claims:

– While many wondered if her #FreeBritney saga would affect visitation, we’ve learned it hasn’t and the boys are seeing their mom as regularly as they always have.

Even though TMZ is generally a reliable source, and we obviously hope Britney gets to see her kids, we need to be aware that recently Britney Spears’ fansite BreatheHeavy has been threaten by Britney’s team.