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Britney Spears has made a new Instagram post where she talks about the new #FreeBritney documentary. In the text, the Pop Princess shuts down rumours and doesn’t seem to be happy about this new trend but everyone’s asking: Did she really write it?

The new Britney Spears documentary, “The Battle For Britney”, has had Britney herself say “that’s enough!” Or, at least, that’s what one of her latest Instagram post suggests.

The Pop Princess had already addressed The New York Times’ “Framing Britney Spears” claiming she cried for two weeks after watching it. This time, she didn’t cry, she decided to speak out and express why those hurt her feelings, even though, may question if she truly wrote it.

In the long text, Britney is not happy that the saddest moments of her life are being brought to life again and goes as far as to say she doesn’t speak “at all” with Billy B, who’s been extremely vocal about the #FreeBritney movement.

Nonetheless, fans are not believing the Princess of Pop wrote it herself. Instead, they believe the conservatorship team did so. On top of that, Billy B himself has already spoken out and clarified he does speak with the singer.

There are so many signs that may suggest the post wasn’t written by Britney but as many say: ” Even if she records a video saying this y’all will say someone forced her or “she’s looking weird like somebody’s off camera” It will never end.”

With that in mind, we’d like to highlight a few comments we saw online that still suggest (accurately) this wasn’t Britney Spears:

  • “Nah sis, do a video of you saying all of this and maybe I’ll buy it” – That’s right. Britney has never addressed the topic on video. Why?
  • “But the documentaries haven’t done the same thing Britney, they show all you’ve achieved and highlight how incredible you’ve done despite the challenges put in your way” – Exactly! The two released documentaries (so far) have done nothing but make people fall in love with Spears again even if reliving some darker times;
  • “The random shout out to Paris, Martha Stewart and the Better Homes and Gardens instagram page with accurate ‘@‘ tags throws it off. Two entirely different tones to the post.” – Pretty much.
  • ” I’m so confused. These captions are like nothing bad has happened but we KNOW for sure from court documents that she’s scared of her dad, wants him removed and is not working until he’s gone…” – Yes. Court documents are not fake.

On the contrary:

  • “I was expecting way worse. I wouldn’t actually be surprised if Britney was indeed sick of people bringing up 2007 and alladat. That seems plausible”;
  • “Even though we see it as getting the information to the public, and that’s beneficial to an extent, it is still an exploitative situation because these people making the docs are not and cannot do anything to help Britney. But they can get views and paychecks, so”.

What do you think? Did Britney Spears write this post?