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William Rutten – a Dutch photographer – spoke about the controversial moment a young Britney Spears was asked about her breast. He claims “Britney was appalled” with the question.

The viral documentary “Framing Britney Spears” brought to the light of day old episodes of when the world failed the Pop singer. One of them happened right at the beginning of Britney’s career when she was a guest in Dutch TV.

In the interview, Ivo Niehe – the TV host – asked Britney Spears about her breasts:

There was a subject we didn’t discuss. Everybody’s talking about it… Your breasts.

Britney laughed at the question and explained she had no breast implant. Since the debut of the documentary, Ivo was put under fire for asking a minor about her breasts but claims the clip was put out of context within the documentary:

I wanted to give her the opportunity to responde to all of the rumours surrounding her breast implants.

He went on to say:

The management was more than satisfied. It was also a very pleasant conversation.

Not according with William Rutten, a Dutch photographer, who had a photoshoot with Britney a few hours later:

Britney’s team immediately broke out and everyone on her team was over the moon and in pure panic. Britney answered nicely and I just thought: “Here goes my shoot”. And that was also close.

He added more details:

She said that she couldn’t believe a grown man just asked her that on TV. Britney wasn’t really looking forward to shoot anymore but luckily she still did it.

William took pictures of Britney for Veronica Magazine and Hitkrant.