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Martin Henderson, from Britney’s video “Toxic”, has complimented the Pop singer by saying she was very genuine and sweet.

In a new interview to ET, Martin Henderson – who acted with Britney Spears in “Toxic” – complimented the Pop Queen when asked how was working with her.

It was a weird day, he started.

I think it was a Saturday, or Sunday. I got a call a few days before asking if I was free on the weekend.

The actor went on to explain on how the chance came about and was surprised when he found out he had to kiss Britney:

No one mentioned I had to make out with her.

Martin concluded by saying how amazed he was with Britney:

It was a lovely day at the office. What stroke me the most after meeting her was just how down to earth she was. She was the sweetest, most genuine… She was making fun of herself and I thought she was a cool girl. She was a sweetheart.