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Britney Spears turned 41 yesterday. This was the first full year Spears could live as a free and independent woman away from her conservatorship. On her day, the Pop Queen took over Instagram and shared pictures of her two kids and sister which arouse multiple confused comments from her followers: “I’m so confused”, one reader said. Let’s talk about this.

A day that the Britney Spears fandom will always have on the tip of their tongues is December 2nd, the day their favourite popstar was born and, in many ways, changed their lives.

Regardless, it’s now known that this special day wasn’t always very special to Britney herself who was stuck within a conservatorship for over 13 years meaning she had no access to several basic needs. Thankfully in November of last year, the court decided it was time to end the conservatorship and give Britney Spears access to a normal life where she could actually decide what she wanted, where she went and who she dated.

That day arrived and we all celebrated. When I say “we all celebrated”, I am not only talking about the Britney Army – the name for which her fanbase is known for – but the entire world. Spears was all over the news from all over the world and everyone clapped and cheered for her. A year later things are not the same and when you’d think people would feel more emphaty towards her, you open the comments box on her Instagram and read things such as “please get a therapist” or “these posts are concerning”.

It seems that the period for feeling emphatic towards Britney Spears has expired and the same ones who fought and raised their voices towards her freedom are now the ones making jokes and asking that she gets help. What is going on?

Despite publicly trashing her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, and exposing her two sons earlier this year on Instagram, Britney decided to share pictures of them in her special day.

On a Jamie Lynn post, Spears wrote It’s my b’day but you’re my heart so I’m thinking about you”. As stated above, many were shocked and couldn’t believe their eyes (“Wait I need to read this again”), others believe she was simply being ironic and coming for her sister again.

On the posts concerning her two kids, Britney wrote how much she loves them and that she’d die for them. Is it that shocking that a mom, even if upset with a few things, would still love their child to death? Is it really? I don’t think so.

One user commentedBritney deserves the right to have a change of heart. Family is family, and the truth is, none of us have the right to police how she copes with her past trauma“. Spot on. Even if the term “family” is widely generic and one of the many stereotypes of the world, remember that thankfully you were not jailed in a conservatorship for 13 years, I repeat, thirteen years. She was. I’d say we’re lucky that Britney did not give up and still is alive.

I am completely unsure if Britney Spears is sending love towards Jamie Lynn or not. Does she deserve it? Absolutely not but we’re not Britney. We didn’t live her life. Regardless, many of us do have siblings and even when they hurt our feelings and make us feel like trash, our unconditional love tends to speak higher. So is it that weird that Britney is taking over her Instagram to reflect on her life and perhaps feeling nostalgic given the fact that it’s her birthday?

I honestly don’t think so. People are ungrateful and overall cold hearted. Britney has showed us multiple times she’s not and we should respect that.

Britney may need a therapist… Who doesn’t? But you need to respect other people’s traumas and the way they cope with them. Reflect on that.

Happy Birthday, Britney.