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Britney Spears will be able to hire her own lawyers from now on. It seems that Jamie Spears has felt threatened and has already tried to usurp control over this.

Excellent news for Britney Spears as the Pop Princess had a victory in her conservatorship case.

A new hearing happened last 14 October in which Ingham (Britney’s lawyer) requested extra litigation counsel to help him fight Jamie in court next month over removing Jamie and adding Bessemer Trust to the conservatorship.

As expected, Jamie objected to this request and wanted mediation. Nonetheless, judge sided with Britney and their request was approved.

According to Britney’s Gram, Jamie Spears has already tried to approach Bessemer which in Sam Ingham’s view was an attempted to usurp control over their potential future relationship with Britney Spears.

Just recently, Jamie Spears was spotted by the paparazzi in the airport. He was asked on his views towards the #FreeBritney movement but didn’t say a word.