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An anonymous source is claiming that Britney Spears didn’t want to participate in the announcement of her “Domination” Vegas residency. The person claims Britney was very upset.

The Instagram account @britneysgram – the one responsible for the explosion of the #FreeBritney movement – posted a couple of screenshots from someone who allegedly was part of the staff for Britney’s “Domination” Vegas residency announcement.

The source, who chose not to be mentioned, decided to speak out after watching the documentary “Framing Britney Spears”:

I couldn’t help but cringe watching the Vegas “Domination” residency scene. Why? Because I was one of the many people working on the marketing side, he wrote.

She was literally forced not to say a word per her management team (cough cough Larry). Britney didn’t want to be there at all.

On the same message, the person claims that Britney arrived “so upset and not in a good mood”:

We didn’t think she’d come out of her dressing room.

We remind you that Britney Spears was ready to embark on a new residency back in 2019. In January of the same year, the singer cancelled the residency as her father was very ill and she wanted to focus her enery on that – something we know now is fake information.