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Being on the music business for over 20 years, Britney Spears has released nine studio albums and several compilations. In this page, not only you’ll find curiosities on the respective albums but also updated numbers for her records sales.

“…Baby One More Time” (1999)

Release date: 12 January 1999
Worldwide sales: 25,000,000
Portuguese sales: 80,000

“…Baby One More Time” was certified diamond in the United States of America for selling over 10,000,000 copies. In Portugal, it has been certified platinum four times and ended up being the 8th best selling album of 1999.

01) …Baby One More Time
02) (You Drive Me) Crazy
03) Sometimes
04) Soda Pop
05) Born To Make You Happy
06) From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart
07) I Will Be There
08) I Will Still Love You (Duet with Don Philip)
09) Deep In My Heart
10) Thinkin’ About You
11) E-Mail My Heart
12) The Beat Goes On

Bonus Tracks
13) I’ll Never Stop Loving You
14) …Baby One More Time (David Ospina Radio Mix)
15) …Baby One More Time (Boy Wunder Radio Mix)
16) I’m So Curious

“Oops!… I Did It Again” (2000)

Release date: 16 May 2000
Worldwide sales: 22,000,000
Portuguese sales: 80,000

The “Oops!… I Did It Again” album received diamond certfication in the United States of America for selling over 10,000,000 copies. In Portugal, the album was certified four times Platinum and ended up being the 4th best seller of the year.

01) Oops I Did It Again
02) Stronger
03) Don’t Go Knockin On My Door
04) (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
05) Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know
06) What U See (Is What U Get)
07) Lucky
08) One Kiss From You
09) Where Are You Now
10) Can’t Make You Love Me
11) When Your Eyes Say It
12) Girl In The Mirror
13) Dear Diary

Bonus Tracks
14) You Got It All
14) Heart

“Britney” (2001)

Release date: 6 November 2001
Worldwide sales: 11,000,000
Portuguese sales: 40,000

The “Britney” album was certified double platinum in Portugal for selling over 40,000 copies. The album debuted at the top of the Billboard 200, in the USA, with sales exceeding the mark of 745,000 copies. Britney became the only female singer to have her first three studio albums to debut at the top of this countdown.

01) I’m A Slave 4 U
02) Overprotected
03) Lonely
04) I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman
05) Boys
06) Anticipating
07) I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll
08) Cinderella
09) Let Me Be
10) Bombastic Love
11) That’s Where You Take Me
12) When I Found You
13) What It’s Like To Be Me

Bonus Tracks
14) Before The Goodbye
15) I Run Away

“In The Zone” (2003)

Release date: 12 November 2003
Worldwide sales: 8,000,000
Portuguese sales: 20,000

The “In The Zone” album was certified platinum in Portugal for selling over 20,000 copies. Following the example of the three previous records, it debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. At the time, Spears was the only female singer to have her first four studio albums debuting at the top of the chart.

01) Me Against The Music (feat. Madonna)
02) (I Got That) Boom Boom (feat. Ying Yang Twins)
03) Showdown
04) Breathe On Me
05) Early Mornin’
06) Toxic
07) Outrageous
08) Touch Of My Hand
09) The Hook Up
10) Shadow
11) Brave New Girl
12) Everytime

Bonus Tracks
13) Me Against The Music (feat. Madonna) [Rishi Rich’s Desi Kulcha Remix]
14) The Answer
15) Don’t Hang Up

“Blackout” (2007)

Release date: 25 de October 2007
Worldwide sales: 2,500,000
National sales: Sem dados.

“Blackout” was Britney Spears’ first studio album to not debut at the top of the Billboard 200 chart due to a last minute change in its rules. The record debuted at number 10 in Portugal.

01) Gimme More
02) Piece of Me
03) Radar
04) Break The Ice
05) Heaven On Earth
06) Get Naked (I Got a Plan)
07) Freakshow
08) Toy Soldier
09) Hot As Ice
10) Ooh Ooh Baby
11) Perfect Lover
12) Why Should I Be Sad?

Bonus Tracks
13) Outta This World
14) Everybody
15) Get Back

“Circus” (2008)

Release date: 1 December 2008
Worldwide sales: 4,000,000
Portuguese sales: N/A.

“Circus” debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 with over 500,000 copies sold in its frst week. It reached platinum a few weeks later. The album wasn’t as well received in Portugal, where it debuted at number 28.

01) Womanizer
02) Circus
03) Out From Under
04) Kill The Lights
05) Shattered Glass
06) If U Seek Amy
07) Unusual You
08) Blur
09) Mmm Papi
10) Mannequin
11) Lace And Leather
12) My Baby

Bonus Tracks
13) Radar
14) Rock Me In
15) Phonography
16) Quicksand
17) Amnesia
18) Trouble
19) Rock Boy

“Femme Fatale” (2011)

Release date: 28 March  2011
Worldwide sales: 2,000,000
Portuguese sales: N/A.

“Femme Fatale” was Britney’s sixth album to debut at the top of Billboard 200. The album debuted at number 4 in Portugal.

01) Till The World Ends
02) Hold It Against Me
03) Inside Out
04) I Wanna Go
05) How I Roll
06) (Drop Dead) Beautiful (feat. Sabi)
07) Seal It With a Kiss
08) Big Fat Bass (feat.
09) Trouble For Me
10) Trip To Your Heart
11) Gasoline
12) Criminal

Bonus Tracks
13) Up n’ Down
14) He About To Lose Me
15) Selfish
16) Don’t Keep Me Waiting
17) Scary

“Britney Jean” (2013)

Release date: 2 December 2013
Worldwide sales: 700,000 (aprox.)
Portuguese sales: N/A.

“Britney Jean” was Britney’s worst performing album in the Billboard 200 up until its release date. It managed to sell 107,000 copies in its first week and failed to debut within the countdown’s top 3. In Portugal, it failed to chart.

01) Alien
02) Work Bitch
03) Perfume
04) It Should Be Easy (Feat.
05) Tik Tik Boom (Feat. T.I.)
06) Body Ache
07) Til’ It’s Gone
08) Passenger
09) Chillin’ With You
10) Don’t Cry

Bonus Tracks
11) Brightest Morning Star
12) Hold On Tight
13) Now That I Found You
14) Perfume (The Dreaming Mix)

“Glory” (2016)

Release date: 26 August 2016
Worldwide sales: 500,000 (aprox.)
Portuguese sales: N/A.

“Glory” debuted at number 3 in the Billboard 200 and managed to sell 111,000 during its first week. In Portugal, “Glory” also debuted at number 3. Up until today, this is Britney’s worst selling album.

01) Invitation
02) Make Me… (feat. G-Eazy)
03) Private Show
04) Man On The Moon
05) Just Luv Me
06) Clumsy
07) Do You Wanna Come Over?
08) Slumber Party
09) Just Like Me
10) Love Me Down
11) Hard To Fccet Ya
12) What You Need

Bonus Tracks
13) Better
14) Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés)
15) Liar
16) If I’m Dancing
17) Coupure Électrique
18) Mood Ring

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