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Britney Spears made new posts concerning her sister and her recent interview to a podcast. In the end, Britney didn’t hold back: “I should’ve slapped you”.

The Jamie Lynn Spears saga continues as Britney Spears’ sister also continues her incoherence and continues to speak about Britney in public when she posted recently they should handle this privately.

Britney’s sister went on “Call Her Daddy” podcast to, once again, talk about Britney.

During the interview, Jamie said that Britney started “changing” in 2002. She described an episode in which Britney grabbed a knife, hid it in her room, locked the door and told Jamie Lynn she was “scared.”

She also went on to say how she always felt like she didn’t matter – Britney didn’t hold back and while she has already deleted the Instagram post, she went back to that 2002 episode:

I flew home to Jamie Lynn on the couch watching her TV shows right after Justin and I broke up, I was a ghost there, she wrote.

Britney went on to describe how her sister got everything she never did and how she got to enjoy life in another way she didn’t and addressed the matter:

It was a People Magazine cover. People show up and as Jamie Lynn says, I was scared. My mother was on pain medication because her and my dad split and she was more messed up than anything. I remember her sitting on the floor in a conversation and she never got up.

To conclude, Britney wasn’t nice but she was real:

I’m sorry Jamie Lynn. I wasn’t strong enough to do what should have been done: slapped you and mamma right across your faces.

While Britney deleted this post, she made another one addressing Jamie Lynn’s victimization:

In life, a lot of people say “DO I MATTER?” Try eating alone for four months: morning, noon and night, Jamie Lynn. I asked myself every day: “DOES ANYBODY CARE?” I would honestly be very interested to see your pretty face in the setting I was forced to be in and asking yourself “DO I MATTER”.