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Britney Spears will be speaking in court about her conservatorship on 23 June.

It’s official: Britney Spears may once and for all tell the world how she feels about her 13-year-long conservatorship as the singer’s request to speak in court has been approved.

The announcement was made at the last hearing on Tuesday (27) when the court Judge Brenda Penny arranged for a hearing on June 23rd to let the pop star share her thoughts on the “status of the conservatorship.”

It still is unclear what the 39-year-old will address specifically. Samuel Ingham (Britney’s attorney) did ask the court for a date to be set “on an expedited basis”, suggesting urgency to the matter.

The judge also set a separate hearing on July 14th to address the various accounting and cost issues wrapped up in the conservatorship’s legal troubles. Jamie’s exploitative request to have his daughter pay him thousands in attorney fees will be discussed at that time.

Meanwhile, the father and his ex-wife Lynne are in their own fight over the matter, with both sides arguing the other has taken advantage of their child.