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Britney Spears got back on her social media to respond to her sister’s allegations about her behaviour. In a new Twitter post, Britney asks her sister to “stop wih these crazy lies”.

Unfortunate decision by Britney Spears’ sister to go on TV spread lies and quite brave to even try to fight back with an Instagram post.

Britney Spears certainly had enough and exposed her sister once again on a new Twitter post:

Jamie Lynn… Congrats babe! You’ve stooped to a whole new level of LOW. I’ve never been around you ever with a knife or would I ever even think to do such, she started by clarifying.

So please stop with these crazy lies for the Hollywood books. Now and only now I do know only a scum person would make up such things about someone.

On top of that, just recently, Britney’s sister former colleague and actress (Alexa Nikolas) also took her time to speak about Britney’s sister lies:

So I got a lot of messages about Jamie Lynn Spears’ new book and I was pretty surprised to see her lying up a storm in there, she wrote on Instagram.

The actress went on to describe what happened between them two and how she begged for Britney’s sister to stay away from her.

Who also spoke up was Tish Yates – Britney Spears’ former tour assistant and also witness in the Netflix documentary “Britney Vs. Spears” – who claims her sister used to steal her tour costumes:

Is this were I throw it out that she took dresses out of Britney’s road case in the dressing room and didn’t tell anyone and I spent a solid week calling gigs and asking if I left M&G dresses in the dressing room? Fun times.