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Britney Spears has officially re-released her 2016 studio album, “Glory”. The new release futures three new songs and several remixes of “Mood Ring”.

When the rumour first kicked in by the beginning of 2020, no one truly believed it but Britney has just re-released her studio album “Glory”.

The new version has been released digitally and in vinyl with limited copies being distributed worldwide.

“Glory”, the 2020 edition, contains the album main and deluxe tracklist with a few new features. Not only “Mood Ring” is now available in it but “Swimming In The Stars” and “Matches”, a brand new collaboration with the Backstreet Boys.

Remixes of “Mood Ring” are also part of it.

GLORY – Tracklist
01) Invitation
02) Make Me… (feat. G-Eazy)
03) Private Show
04) Man On The Moon
05) Just Luv Me
06) Clumsy
07) Do You Wanna Come Over?
08) Slumber Party
09) Just Like Me
10) Love Me Down
11) Hard To Fccet Ya
12) What You Need

Deluxe Edition
13) Better
14) Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés)
15) Liar
16) If I’m Dancing
17) Coupure Électrique

2020 Deluxe Edition Vinyl
18) Mood Ring (By Demand)
19) Swimming In The Stars
20) Matches (with the Backstreet Boys)
21) Mood Ring (By Demand) (Pride Remix)
22) Mood Ring (By Demand) (Wuki Remix)
23) Mood Ring (By Demand) (Ape Drums Remix)

The new album is now available and Britney has even posted about it.