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Britney Spears’ seventh studio album – “Femme Fatale” – turns 10 years old today. With that being said, we go back in time to remember this phenomenal Pop record.

It seems like it was just yesterday but it’s been ten years since Britney Spears dropped her seventh studio album, “Femme Fatale”.

A couple of years ago, Idolator celebrated the album’s birthday by highlighting “He About To Lose Me” and we go back to that article.

Mike Nied – the author – starts by introducing the record:

Britney Spears reminded us that no one does dance-pop quite the same way on 2011’s Femme Fatale. The club-ready opus features no shortage of fizzing synths, roaring bass (it’s always getting bigger), racing beats and flirty come-ons.

In the same piece, Nied highlights the three main hits produced by the record, “Hold It Against Me”, “Till The World Ends” and “I Wanna Go”, but admits “Criminal” should’ve been bigger:

The Pop Princess took a risk with the LP’s underrated final single, “Criminal”. Unfortunately, it didn’t pay off. Eschewing the hard beats in favor of the fantasy-inducing sounds of a flute, the folk-inspired mid-tempo didn’t hit it as big on the charts. However, the track is one of several that proves “Femme Fatale” wasn’t just a soulless collection of electro-pop.

“How I Roll” certainly is a favourite for the author, as well as “Trip To Your Heart”, but “He About To Lose Me” gets the highlight:

Produced by Darkchild, the moody electro-ballad finds Britney pining after a guy at the club. “I’m touching hands with someone seriously beautiful,” she coos as she loses herself in the rush of emotions. There’s only one problem – she’s already committed to another man. “I’ve got someone waiting at home. He says he in love, but lately I just don’t know”.

As a wrap up, Nied compliments Britney’s vocals in the song as being some of the best in the entire CD:

As an added bonus, it also features one of Britney’s best vocal performances on the tracklist. Highlighting the deeper side of her voice, she effortlessly brings the lyrics to life and captures the difficult situation. Because of this, “He About To Lose Me” emerged as an instant fan favorite.