Britney Spears’ conservator exposes Jamie Spears

Jodi Montgomery has filed new court documents where she exposes Britney Spears’ father words that don’t translate into actions in regards to Britney’s conservatorship.

Things are getting messy between Britney Spears’ conservator (Jodi Montgomery) and her co-conservator (Jamie Spears, her father).

Jodi has filed new court documents where she elaborates on every aspect that Jamie Spears has been inconsistent. The documents can be found, and read here, and below you can read the main topics:

  • Jodi claims Jamie has spent $2M of Britney’s money on a ‘nuclear’ litigation and PR strategy to force everyone out of the Conservatorship case;
  • Jodi claims Jamie has been spending $10k a day of his daughter’s money to attempt to favour his public image and legal fees;
  • Montgomery claims Britney wants her to stay and Jodi is ready to go whenever Spears wants;
  • She claims Jamie is using an “it wasn’t me strategy” by blaming her;
  • Jodi states how Jamie wants the conservatorship to “reflect Britney’s wishes” but he’s not stepping down like Britney has asked on multiple occasions;
  • She states that Britney has wanted Jamie out of her life for years and that singer does not want Jamie involved in any aspect of her life;
  • Jodi mentions how Jamie mentions he has no intention of being conservator of the person again but he has not resigned and it appears he’s trying to force everyone out so he can reconquer that role in the future;
  • Jodi states she is working on a care plan with a path to terminating the conservatorship which is a goal she does not believe Jamie and his team share;
  • She claims Jamie is using Britney’s money to defend himself;
  • She also states “Mr Spears’ invented ignorance of anything in the last 21 months”;
  • She states Jamie claims he has no involvement with Britney’s medical care but he approves every single expenditure;
  • Jodi claims it was Britney’s choice to cut all contact with her father as she does not wish to speak to him.
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