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Or as Danja himself would say… You’re gonna have to remove me ’cause I ain’t going nowhere. Are you a Britney Spears fan? You should give this a read.

Once Britney Spears got her pass to freedom by coming out of that sick conservatorship she was put on for 13 years, I thought that the idea of having a fansite stopped making sense. Maybe I jumped too fast onto conclusions and quickly realized she wouldn’t be back to the music industry given the trauma it must have given her. And if that was to be the case, then a fansite wouldn’t make sense because we’re first and foremost fans of the artist, of the art, of the singer. Following her personal life just doesn’t feel right especially someone who has always been scrutinized by the media.

I was quite surprised when the “Hold Me Closer” rumours became stronger – the soon to be released duet between Britney Spears and Elton John – but even more surprised to witness the hungry tigers around her and even see her own kids turning against her by being manipulated by her psycho and disturbed ex-husband, Kevin Federline… But then again, what would you expect from a male, straight Aries? Only bad things surely.

That’s when the idea of having a fansite became senseful again. If it wasn’t for the fans, Britney would’ve probably remained locked from the world for eternity and a slave for her disgusting family who has done nothing but exploiting her. And in moments like this, where everything seems to be going the wrong way, when your ex-husband, your sister and even your kids continue to make your life public so they can profit from it, you as a massive fan who has been following her ever since stop and think: I can’t stop right now. Even if she has no clue at all of who I am, she needs me. She needs me to be there, to support her and make sure the general public is aware of all the atrocities this woman continues to go through.

After almost 20 years since this website was created (April of 2003), I thought it was the end, but it is not the end. At least, not until Britney Spears gets full justice at the eyes of everyone and is treated with kindness and respect.

I will be here indefinitely and always ready to come to her rescue. This will not be your regular fansite with Britney Spears news, chart positions, candids or social media updates but rather a vision of a fan who has been here a long time and wants to share his visions with the world and with the Britney Spears fan community.

Yep, you’re gonna have to remove me… ‘Cause I ain’t going nowhere.


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